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Author Dan William Peek has written a book, released by The History Press, on the history of the Ozark Opry. He submitted the following synopsis for the Ozark Opry web site.

Publisher's Description:

In the Ozarks, music frames everything. The Ozark Opry was a focal point of
that cultural tradition for over fifty years, playing to sold-out audiences
and influencing the course of the American entertainment industry in vital
ways hitherto untold. This behind-the-scenes story of Lee and Joyce Mace's
incredible venture by historian and former Opry performer Dan William Peek
reawakens the foot tapping and fiddle scraping still clinging to the shores
of the Lake of the Ozarks. This story also spotlights some of the most
fascinating characters of the times--the Nashville stars, Chuck Foster, the
Mabe Brothers, Albert Gannaway, Seymour Weiss, Scott O. Wright, Sarah
Gertrude Knott and Cyrus Crane Willmore.

-The History Press

From Reviewers:

"Well written, fact packed and filled with photo's" - Art Axis, *Columbia
Daily Tribune* - December 20, 2010

"Delightful and readable illustrated history" - Dr. Howard W. Marshall, *Old
Time Herald* - February -March, 2011

" Wonderful read" - customer review - February 3, 201

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Book Celebrates Lake Landmark The website recently posted an article about the new book by Dan Peek. You can find the article here.

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